Is Beltre attainable?

What would it take for the Twins to get Beltre? Let's examine some similar trades the past ten years. What I am doing here is listing people similar to Beltre who got traded and trying to assess equivalent trade value based on today's Twins' major and minor league players and the stage the traded players where in their careers when traded:

Trade #1: Roberto Alomar traded by the Cleveland Indians with Danny Peoples and Mike Bacsik to the New York Mets for Matt Lawton, Alex Escobar,Jerrod Riggan, Earl Snyder (2001 offseason, $7-8mil/year contract with 2 years remaining)

Alomar = Beltre

Peoples = Erik Lis

Bacsik < Perkins

Lawton < Cuddyer

Escobar = Erik Lis

Riggan = Casey Daigle

Snyder = Brock Peterson < Buscher

equivalent value trade: Beltre for Buscher and Cuddyer or Bass and Cuddyer or Buscher and Bass and Lis or Buscher and Bonser

Trade #2: Scott Brosius was traded from the Athletics to the Yankees for Kenny Rogers (32) and cash.(1997)

Equivalent value trade: Beltre for Hernandez + Buscher

Trade #3: Carlos Guillen Traded by the Seattle Mariners to the Detroit Tigers for Ramon Santiago and Juan Gonzalez (2004, $2.5mil contract)

Ramon Santiago = Trevor Plouffe
Juan Gonzalez (not Juan Gone) = Ramon Santana

Equivalent trade: Beltran + cash for Plouffe and Ramon Santana (a steal)

Trade #4: Bobby Abreau traded by the Philadelphia Phillies with Cory Lidle to the New York Yankees for Matt Smith, C.J. Henry, Carlos Monasterios, and Jesus Sanchez (2006 $13-16mil/year contract).

Lidle > Hernandez

Matt Smith = Carmen Cali

CJ Henry = Eric Santiago

Monastrios = Alex Curry

Sanchez = Daniel Rohlfing

Equivalent trade: Beltran for Carmen Cali and Eric Santiago (another steal)

Trade #5: Scott Rolen traded by the Philadelphia Phillies with Doug Nickle and cash to the St. Louis Cardinals for Placido Polanco, Mike Timlin, and Bud Smith. (2003 $8.6-12.5 mil contract)

Doug Nickle < Bass

Polanco > Punto
Timlin = Guerrier
Smith = Matthew Williams

Hard to figure this one out but the closer I get for an equivalent trade is Beltre for Punto, Bonser and Humber

I think that a combination of one or 2 from Bass/Buscher/Bonser plus one or 2 minor leaguers from Lis/Plouffe/Peterson/De Paula, might actually do it...


Anonymous said...

Beltran? Who, Carlos? Come on....

thrylos98 said...

spelling error... Beltre :)