The 43 Players left on the Twins Spring Training roster after today's 18 cuts

The Twins announced a whole bunch of cuts today, did not announce a bunch of others.  It was a good timing in that there is no MLB game tomorrow so the cut players can play with their teammates.   According to different reports the following eighteen players were cut, officially and unofficially:

Sano, Kepler, Berrios, Buxton, Duffey, Rogers, O'Rourke, Meneses, Garver, Turner, Darnell, Polanco, Salcedo, Diaz, Wheeler , Oliveros, Farris, Grimes

Who is still remaining at the Major League Camp (in no particular order, * denotes a non-roster invitee) :

22 position players (which means 9 more cuts to go and 7 non-roster invitees, which makes the position player situation much clearer than the pitcher;  Players on the 40 man roster with options are marked with #)

5 Catchers:

Suzuki, K
Herrmann, C (#)
Pinto, J (#)
Fryer, E (*)
Rohlfing, D (*)

10 Infielders:

Dozier, B
Escobar, E
Santana, D (#)
Vargas, K (#)
Mauer, J
Nunez, E
Beresford, J (*)
Bernier, D (*)
Plouffe, T
Martinez, J (*)

7 Outfielders:

Hicks, A (#)
Rosario, E (#)
Robinson, S (*)
Arcia, O (#)
Schafer, J
Hunter, T
Ortiz, D (*)

21 pitchers (which means 9 more cuts to go and only 2 non-roster invitees)

8 Starting Pitchers:

Hughes, P
May, T  (#)
Nolasco, R
Meyer, A (#)
Santana, E
Pelfrey, M (# - but has to give consent)
Gibson, K (#)
Milone, T (#)

13 Relief Pitchers:

Duensing, B
Perkins, G
Pressly, R (#)
Stauffer, T
Thielbar, C (#)
Tonkin, M (#)
Achter, A (#)
Graham, J
Thompson, A (#)
Boyer, B (*)
Pryor, S (#)
Fien, C
Hamburger, M (*)

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