Updated Combined Twins Bench and Bullpen Battle Dashboard; 3/23/12

This is the latest update of the Twins' Bench Battle and the Bullpen Battle Dashboards, to track player performance to date this spring. Performances include those in the last game vs the Yankees earlier this afternoon. You can read the basic premise behind the Bench Battle Dashboard here and behind the Bullpen Battle Dashboard here. At this point, there are 11 position players fighting for 3 bench sports and 9 pitchers fighting for 3 bullpen spots.

I will be updating them daily and post daily updates. Caveat: I am flying to Fort Myers and traveling pretty much the whole day tomorrow, so expect the next update after Sunday's game. Players who were assigned to the minor league camp were removed from the dashboards but kept in the rankings, denoted by "(MILB)". One thing I am doing differently from now on (Because if I kept the old way these would be very hard to read and very small) is to not denote performance on a particular day (and use DNP if someone did not play) but list them sequentially. An advantage of this way of listing is to see which players played more, which means that the Twins are interested enough to have many looks. Because it is getting close to the season and the pitching staff has been somewhat of a concern, I am listing the performances of the pitchers who are "locks" to make the team, but do not include them in the rankings.

Here is what the Bench Battle Dashboard looks like today:

Here is what the Bullpen Battle Dashboard looks like today:

Here is the ranking of the position player combatants today (based on position) :


Rene Rivera 2.0
J.R. Towles 0.76
Daniel Rohlfing 0.67 (MILB)
Drew Butera 0.41
Danny Lehmann 0.28 (MILB)
Chris Herrmann 0.1 (MILB)
Danny Rams -0.98 (MILB)


Chris Parmelee 3.1
Mike Hollimon 2.0

Luke Hughes 1.9
Aaron Bates 1.3 (MILB)
Sean Burroughs 1.3
Ray Chang 1.1 (MILB)
Brian Dozier 0.78
Brian Dinkelman 0.77
Tsuyoshi Nishioka 0.84 (MILB)
Pedro Florimon 0.28
Steve Pearce -0.31 (MILB)


Joe Benson 2.3
Wilkin Ramirez 0.43 (MILB)
Matt Carson 0.29 (MILB)
Darin Mastroianni -0.01 (MILB)
Rene Tosoni -0.07 (MILB)
Oswaldo Arcia -0.33 (MILB)

Here is the ranking of pitcher combatants today:

Matt Maloney 54.8
P.J. Walters 54.3 (MILB)
Casey Fien 53.2
Liam Hendriks 53.2
Jared Burton 51.7
Carlos Gutierrez 51.3 (MILB)
Luis Perdomo 51.3 (MILB)
Kyle Waldrop 51.2
Esmerling Vasquez 51 (MILB)
Daryl Thompson 50.8 (MILB)
Lester Oliveros 50.3 (MILB)
Samuel Deduno 50.2 (MILB)
Aaron Thompson 50 (MILB)
Tyler Robertson 49.7 (MILB)
Jeff Gray 49.5
Scott Diamond 49 (MILB)
Jeff Manship 48.6
Brendan Wise 47.6
Phil Dumatrait 46.2 (MILB)
Alex Burnett 45.8
Deolis Guerra 42 (MILB)
Jason Bulger 38.3 (MILB)
Terry Doyle 31.3 (MiLB - returned to White Sox)

As always you can find all Spring Training coverage at The Tenth Inning Stretch here.

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