Contest: do you know your Twins? Game-used bat reward

Here are the members of the Minnesota Twins' Hall of Fame:

Harmon Killebrew
Rod Carew
Tony Oliva
Kent Hrbek
Kirby Puckett
Calvin Griffith
Herb Carneal
Jim Kaat
Bert Blyleven
Tom Kelly
Bob Allison
Bob Casey
Earl Battey
Frank Viola
Carl Pohlad
Zoilo Versalles
Gary Gaetti
Jim Rantz
Rick Aguilera
Brad Radke
George Brophy
Jim Perry
Greg Gagne
Camilo Pascual

Here is the challenge: Find the one who is different than the others. That's the game. I'll let it run until I return from Fort Myers early April. The first person who will guess who is different that the others and why, will win a game used bat of a Twins' first round pick.

And you have to guess in the comments section here.

Shoot :)

the winner will be announced early April


Eric Pleiss said...

Camilo Pascual, reason tbd.

thrylos98 said...

Nah... and I should quit giving hints ;)

Eric Pleiss said...

Tom Kelly, only one to manage the team.

Hiabove said...
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Eric Pleiss said...

Bert Blyleven, only player/coach/announcer with TWO stints as member of Twins

Hiabove said...

Herb Carneal

Herb is the only person on the list who was never on the Twins Payroll He officially worked for WCCO.

lecroy24fan said...

Jim Rantz is the only person to be a member of the Twins organization continuously since 1961.

Eric Pleiss said...

Rantz is interesting as he has been with the Twins, and is still with the Twins, for their entire time in Minnesota, making him the longest tenured Twin EVER.

Eric Pleiss said...

Rod Carew also appears to the the only 2B on the list. As Gaetti is the only 3B. And Battey the only C.

Eric Pleiss said...

TK also only manager on the list, to boot. Does anyone on this list have MORE than 2 WS titles?

Mike "Spidey" Weinand said...

Calvin Griffith is the only Canadian, and the only one on the list in the Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame

Andrew said...

George Brophy -- only member of Twins HOF that also won the Topps Long Meritorious Service Award.

Projector said...

Jim Rantz because he's the only member still working for the Twins or currently active member

Projector said...

Camilo Pascual is the only member not yet inducted as it will happen this season!

Projector said...

Rod Carew because he's the only hitter to win a batting title without hitting a home run!

Wachs said...

Frank Viola - Only WS MVP

Kirby Puckett - Only AS MVP, only ALCS MVP

Rick Aguilera - Only Twins closer on the list.

Jim Kaat - Only Twins P on the list (Santana) to win a Gold Glove (16)

Brad Radke - Only pitcher to pitch with a torn labrum

Gary Gaetti - His name is the only name that rhymes with Spaghetti.

Man, this is really subjective. Lord knows what you're looking for. I really want a wooden bat.

Projector said...

Gary Gaetti for hitting a HR in his first Major League AB & his first Postseason AB (and his first 2 postseason ABs) and for starting two triple plays in one game!

diehardtwinsfan said...

Jim Rantz is the only person on this list who never played an MLB game for the Minnesota Twins.

Unknown said...

Kent Hrbek is the only Minnesotan

lecroy24fan said...

Bert Blyleven is the only Dutchman.