Ranking the Twins hitters by Spring Training OPS

Because a lot of write-ups and reports from the beat writers about the Twins' Spring Training performance are mentioning how someone is "hitting", using only their batting averages (70s anyone?), I felt that it might be a good idea to rank all the Twins' hitters based on Spring Training OPS (which is a tad more meaningful.) Players denoted with "MILB" have been assigned to the Twins Minor League Camp. Clearly some players are having great performances, while other are struggling. We all know who there are. Also, in this ranking, a couple of cuts seem very curiously premature. Here is the list:

Hollimon 1.246
Parmelee 1.011
Valencia .923
Benson .884
Chang .883 (MILB)
Bates .879 (MILB)
Rivera .871
Hughes .867
Casilla .816
Span .783
Revere .778
Dozier .761
Mauer .746
Doumit .733
Dinkelman .714
Burroughs .713
Willingham .710
Towles .705
Plouffe .654
Butera .636
Nishioka .589 (MILB)
Florimon .508
Ramirez .481 (MILB)
Carroll .477
Carson .448 (MILB)
Mastroianni .445 (MILB)
Rohlfing .400 (MILB)
Herrman .333 (MILB)
Pierce .310 (MILB)
Tosoni .289 (MILB)
Lehmann .286 (MILB)
Morneau .258
Arcia .222 (MILB)
Rams .000 (MILB)

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