What will Roy Oswalt announce today

This off-season I have been following the Roy Oswalt saga closely, since I was informed that he and the Twins have been having conversations.

Today, according to his agent, the pitcher will make an announcement. What will this announcement be?

I do not have any sources about this, but based on the movement around the league, I think that Roy Oswalt will announce that will take some time off baseball. Temporary retirement.

We will see whether I am correct shortly


Andrew said...

Sounds like you got it about right. If the Twins are halfway decent to open up the season, hopefully Terry Ryan keeps working the phone with Oswalt's agent.

thrylos98 said...

Yeah the writing was on the wall... The thing is if the Twins have a decent season, they will not have an opening for him, because that would mean that the starters are actually healthy and doing their job...