2012 Twins' uniform numbers musical chairs

Every new season there are a lot of old faces who are not any longer with a team and a lot of new faces who are replacing them. Usually a new player is assigned one of the departed players' uniform numbers. Here are the matches between the old and the new uniform numbers. Three of them are unassigned and Chris Parmelee switched his number from 2011. Joel Zumaya and Darin Mastoianni have not been formally assigned numbers yet.

Left the team:

5 Michal Cuddyer, now: J.R. Towles
16 Jason Kubel, now: Josh Willingham
18 Jason Repko, now: Ryan Doumit
20 Matt Tolbert, now: Phil Doumatrait
21 Delmon Young, now: Jason Marquis
25 Jim Thome, now: -
27 Steve Holm, now: Chris Parmelee
36 Joe Nathan, now: -
37 Jim Hoey, now: Sean Burroughs
44 Chuck James, now: Matt Maloney
50 Jose Mijares, now: Jason Bulger
56 Dusty Hughes, now: Terry Doyle
59 Kevin Slowey, now: Esmerling Vasquez
61 Eric Hacker, now: Jared Burton

Changed Uniforms:

64 Chris Parmelee, now: Tyler Robertson


Eric Pleiss said...

Uni-numbers assigned by some sort of Service Time/Team Seniority hierarchy?

thrylos98 said...

I am pretty sure it is first come first served basis, with the folks on the 40-man having the first cut. Unless a veteran gets in as a free agent and he has been wearing a particular number for ever. In that case arrangements are made. The non-invites just get numbers assigned by the club house staff...

thrylos98 said...

I meant the non-roster invitees and the folks who are coming up from the minors during the season