Exclusive: New Twins Promotion: the Gardy Bear

The Tampa Bays Rays have announced that they will give away The Don Zimmer Bear, a bear with the face of Don Zimmer. The mania of putting a chubby manager's face of a teddy bear and giving it away to kids in the ballpark has been virally spreading across the league.

The Twins today announced that they will join in the mania give away a Gardy Bear to the first 5,000 children on Friday April 13, when the Twins play against the Rangers at Target field.

We have secured an exclusive picture of the Gardy Bear:


Marv said...

Looks perfect.

Good to see you're back, thry.
Should be an interesting season. I'm hoping for .500 baseball out of these guys.
I'll be spending more time this season keeping an eye on the prospects. Hoping for a brighter future.

thrylos98 said...

Hey Marv, good to see you here too!

I am hopeful this season. For sure it will be better than last. Lots of new faces and lots of kids and let's see what they are going to do. But they got to keep healthy!