What to expect for Twins' Spring Training Coverage

It is this time of the year, when up north the winds are still blowing cold and the temperatures are still frigid, but the first signs of the spring are very obvious: crocuses and daffodils are pocking their heads off the ground, days are getting longer, geese are starting to fly up north and pitchers and catchers are starting to fly south to Florida and Arizona for Spring Training. Spring Training is an exciting time. A time of renewal. A new team comes together, along with some old faces, the last season is officially dead and buried and everyone in Baseball has the same 0-0 record. Hope runs high. Definitely one of my favorite parts of the offseason, and I am planning of doing it justice here this year.

I will try to cover the Twins' Spring Training in depth and more than I did in the past seasons. Here is what I have planned so far this year about Spring Training coverage:

  • I will look closely at the battles for positions in the Twins' roster, pretty much a couple times a week. I have already posted what I think are the four questions that the Twins need to answer this Spring and I will keep track of those; however, I suspect that new things might arise and will cover those as well...

  • There are a lot of prospects there, as a matter of fact, all players in the organization will be at spring training, so I am in the process of making a Twins' top 40 prospect list. It will be slightly different that what is out there (from a methodology perspective) and I will probably have it up some time during Spring Training. Meanwhile, I cannot even begin to tell how useful Seth Stoh's Twins' Prospect Handbook is for anyone who wants to know who the players in the organization are. You can also check out the bulletins of online sports colleges to get additional information on some of the players who will be at spring training.

  • I am actually going to Fort Myers for Spring Training this year for a week, and planning on attending games and blogging my impressions from these games on a nightly (or daily) basis. I will probably add tidbits about the city and the area as well...

  • Speaking of going to Fort Myers, the city and the area, I am working on two separate guides on Fort Myers. One will be kind of a practical guide about the ball park, other close ball parks, tickets, etc. The second one will have a twist. La Velle Neal posts his annual food guide every year on his Star Tribune blog (and he will do so soon this year;) I am planning a different type of food guide: foods (and places to eat them) that are local to the area and you cannot find fresh in other parts of the country or special dishes that are signatory to Fort Myers. Not planning to cover any food or restaurant you can find or where is the best place for Ribs (La Velle has the Market cornered on that one,) just where to find unique foods local to the area.

  • And I will also have a (weekly probably) stat update of the players there, and I suspect that there will be a lot of other topics that will come up...

This is the plan. Please let me know whether you might be interested in seeing any else and will try to accommodate.

Spring is near. Hope springs eternally.

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