The Twins should had offered this bobblehead this season

The Twins announced their promotions for the 2012 season and mysteriously absent are the fan favorite bobbleheads. I think they lost an incredible opportunity because this would had been the perfect bobblehead any Twins' fan would love to have to help them forget that 99-loss 2011 season and celebrate Tom Kelly's number retirement:

A bobblehead of Tom Kelly on the announcer booth (like when he filled in for Bert Blyleven last season,) which did not move its head up and down, but sideways. Like in the same motion every Twins' fan (and I bet Tom himself) did, when watched the Twins botching plays after plays last year. And I cannot think of one Twins' fan who would not love to have that trinket with him or her while watching a Twins' game even from their comfort of their home or their work cubicle and to silently move TK's head when Nishi boots a play or when Plouffe throws to the second deck (and I do not mean to pick on those guys.) Beats throwing the remote to the wall or shouting profanities and all of that. That thing would had really made people line up the streets and camp in front of Target Field the night before. iPhone 5 eat your heart out.

But it would have taken humor, creativity, a sense of self-deprecation and would had been the best way to bury that 2011 season. And there has been a lot of negativity with the fan-base and that would had been an absolutely amazing way to break that.

They blew it. Too bad. Maybe I should start my own line...

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