Twins' international free agent signings watch: day 2

Today I will continue following the Twins activity on the international free agents as well as the movement around Miguel Angel Sano and like yesterday post updates on my Twitter. I will be giving updates here also as the come, like yesterday. You can follow the Twitter updates either here (on the panel directly to the left of this post) or at Twitter.

Here is a good summary on the Sano situation as of yesterday from the Pirates perspective. Speaking of the Pirates, there are indications that the Twins are going after Pirates' second baseman Freddy Sanchez and one or both of relievers Matt Capps and John Grabow. Josh Johnson at Josh's Thoughts elaborates on the connection between the two teams at this point of the season. Also worth mentioning that former Twins reject Garrett Jones almost batted for the cycle for the Pirates yesterday against the Mets, having a double, a triple and a home run.

Looks like there are a lot of interesting things that might happen today and I will keep twitting updates as they come

Update: 2:40 PM EDT: Pirates' beat writer Dejan Kovacevic: "Pirates, Twins not discussing Sanchez"

Update: 3:05 PM EDT: According to Keith Law, the Twins have just signed Max Kepler (OF) the best European prospect this year. The Red Sox were also interested. He is 16 and 6'4" with above average speed and arm.

Update: 5:04 PM EDT: BA's Ben Badler does not know the amount yet, but reports that Max Kepler's bonus should set a new record for a European player. The last one was also to a Twins' signee, Alexander Smit (in 2002 for $800K)

Update: 7:06 PM EDT: This is Max Kepler:


Marv said...

I don't see the Twins with ANY likely SS in the minors who is projected to really be an impact player in MLB. Can't imagine who needs this guy more than the Twins (given that the Twins tend to actually be a contender).
Yes, I understand that it's not my money, but this looks like a gamble that would be hard to pass up. Any chance the kid is really just 16 years old?

Marv said...

Um, you realize I am talking about Miguel Angel Sano, right?

thrylos98 said...


I totally agree with you. There are a couple of thing in play here: He is probably going to end up as a 3B or OF when he fills up. Bone Graft tests showed that he is 16, but MLB does not really go by those. As far as the money goes, it might seem a lot, but this is the only way out for these kids and their families.

And these people live in very different conditions, to persuade you, here is a family portrait of Sano in front of their house:


thrylos98 said...

Dad barely looks thirty and mom looks at late 20s so 16 should probably be about right (if not too old)

Marv said...

Everything I hear is this kid is a better bet than 95% of the other kids out there. Sure would like the Twins to take a shot at him.