Following the Twins' international free agent signings

Today is the first day of the international free agent signing period. I will be following the Twins activity as well as the movement around Miguel Angel Sano and post updates on my Twitter. At the end of the day I will summarize any signings. You can follow the Twitter updates either here (on the panel directly to the left of this post) or at Twitter. I will be an interesting day. Here is Baseball America's top 25 potential international free agents list, ranked by bonus size.

Update: 8:45 PM EDT. Still no definite news on Sano. La Velle Neal III indicated that the Twins made an offer to Sano (contingent on whether he is 16) at "around $3 million) but ESPN's Jorge Arangure had not heard of an offer as of an hour and a half ago. La Velle got his information from the Twins' organization, while Jorge from the receiving end in the Dominican Republic, so it is not conflicted: An offer could be made but Sano or his agent might not want to publicize it until all is said and done. I do not think that this will be resolved today, but I will be updated on Twitter (and here) as information moves along. Will an offer "around $3 million" be good enough? Maybe. If you look at the Baseball America's predicted top bonuses, where Sano is listed as number one, you will see that the number 2 player, Wagner Mateo, was signed by the Cardinals for $3.1 million and the number 3 player, Gary Sanchez, was signed by the Yankees for $3 million, an offer larger than $3.1 million might make it happen

On other news, the Twins have replaced Sean Henn with Brian Duensing in their pen and Louis Ayala signed a contract with the Florida Marlins after we was released by the Twins who could not find a buyer earlier today.

Update: 10:05 EDT: Just got confirmation that the Twins will sign SS Jorge Polanco (2 sources confirm, but this is the latest -ESPN's Jorge Arangure- setting the bonus to $700K; earlier, Baseball America's Ben Badler indicated that the Twins "will sign Polanco") He will turn 16 this Sunday, so no deal can be announced until then.

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