Boycott the St. Paul Pioneer Press

Today the Twins' family lost one of its finest members. St. Paul Pioneer Press has laid off Phil Miller, the Twins' beat reporter. An extremely classy timing as well, since Phil Miller was at Kansas City covering the Twins, while that happened.

If you, like me are outraged by this act of one of the two major newspapers in the Twin Cities, which results in decreased coverage of the Twins by that outlet, the loss of a voice and the inclusion of a whole bunch of AP-vanilla articles both on print and online, I would urge you to join me in the following:

  • Cancel your subscription to Pioneer Press, if you subscribe

  • Do not buy that newspaper in a store

  • Do not visit their web site (they make money on advertisement impressions)

Not that you will miss much doing this as a Twins' fan, since Star Tribune has excellent online and print coverage of our favorite team.

It is time to do something if you do not like the way this outlet treats Twins' fans.


Topper said...


Sadly like you I don't live in the Twin Cities area anymore and can't do as much of an active boycott, but I'm right along with you as far as not visiting their website. This is a travesty. They were lucky to have such a great beat writer on their staff.

Anonymous said...

Isn't not reading the paper the reason for all of the papers going in the pooper?

So really, this would only further the problem instead of help it.

thrylos98 said...

Isn't not reading the paper the reason for all of the papers going in the pooper?

Not all papers are going in the pooper. A lot of them adjusted, embraced the internet and produce fresh original content. To lose a source of original content in the middle of the Twins' season where your audience's interest for that content is peaked is not a smart business move in this age.

Marv said...

I enjoyed the Pioneer Press from time to time, but can get by with the Star Tribune just fine. If I'm going to focus my newspaper buying habits on one paper it should be the one that is supporting their Twins reporters.
Besides, LaVelle rocks.

Best wishes to Phil Miller & his family.