Is Scott Baker tipping his pitches?

Here is a visualization of Scott Baker's pitching performance yesterday based on Pitchfx data from Brooksbaseball.net. This particular visualization shows (from a batter's view) Baker's release point on each of his pitches broken down by pitch type

As you can see, Baker had two distinct release points, one about 5 inches higher than the other; in other words, about the size of a baseball. The higher release is exclusively for his breaking stuff (curveball, slider) and cut fastballs, where the lower release point is exclusively for his two-seam and four-seam fastball and changeup. Baker threw only 9 change ups vs 43 fastballs from the lower release point and only 3 cutters vs 47 breaking balls from the higher release point. Thus, a batter could see high release and assume breaking stuff or low release and assume fastball and have the opportunity to pick and chose. Not a recipe for success. I hope that Anderson realizes that (hey, the data is in the internets) and is working with Baker to correct it...


Anonymous said...


If that information about Baker is that easily available, then other teams are aware of it.

Anyway, I think the team is close the annual "Come to Jesus" meeting and lineup shuffle.

Ayala is cut, Punto is benched, Tolbert goes back down, Cassilla recalled and Harris takes over at second.

Perhaps Cuddyer is benched in favor of a Young, Span and Gomez outfield. I won't hold my breath on that one, though.


Marv said...

Blake -
I like your thinking, but thry is right. Gardy is going to play Punto, Cuddyer and Redmond.
Hughes should come up & replace Buscher & Harris should take over SS, as Casilla has not played or practiced there. Similar to Young, a natural RF who has never played RF for the Twins, even in Spring Training. I suppose this is because Casilla & Young would threaten Gardy's golden boys, Punto & Cuddyer.

Man this has been a frustrating week. Anyone got Pedro's phone #?

thrylos98 said...


now it's Breslow cut and effectively replaced with Henn. Not a smart move in my book. Blake, yes, I am sure that teams can build an advanced scouting report on a pitcher based on information available freely out there; some do it. The Twins don't. They like their 3-ring binders.

I don't know. I hope all those moves are made but with Gardy at the helm, the hope is fading. For example: This Friday you will see Morales in Rochester and the ghost of Redmond past still lumbering around with the Twins. Case in point: Cuddyer at 1B tonight where he committed 2 errors in a single play. Nice.