Can the Twins win the World Series as is?

Here is some food for thought, after the Twins were swept by the Yankees yesterday, further contributing to a dismal record at Yankee stadium under Gardenhire (3-23).

My premise is simple: for a team to win the world series, it will have to beat teams that made it to the post season.

Here is how the Gardenhire Twins fared against postseason teams during Gardenhire's tenure (in bold are the seasons when the Twins won the division):


Rays: 3-3
Red Sox: 3-4
Angels: 3-5
White Sox: 10-9

total: 19-21


Red Sox: 3-4
Yankees: 2-5
Indians: 4-14
Angels: 3-6

total: 12-29


Yankees: 3-3
Tigers: 6-12
Athletics: 6-4

total: 15-18


Yankees: 3-3
Red Sox: 2-4
White Sox: 7-11
Angels: 4-6

total: 16-24


Yankees: 2-4
Red Sox: 4-2
Angels: 4-5

total: 10-11


Yankees: 0-7
Red Sox: 4-2
Athletics: 8-1

total: 12-10


Yankees: 0-6
Athletics: 3-6
Angels: 5-4

Total: 9-16

Total overall record against postseason teams: 93-129 (.419, equivalent of a 94 loss season)

Other than 2003, when the Twins had a 12-10 record against post-season teams, the Gardenhire led Twins had a losing record every season, even in their division championship seasons accumulating a .419 record. This is not world champion material.

Something here is very wrong and I suspect that it starts with the manager...


Marv said...

Unless something dramatic happens to our bullpen I have difficulty seeing us in the postseason, much less World Series champs.
By dramatic I simply mean that Crain starts to throw like we know he can, Guerrier gets some of what he had in 2007 back, and Breslow starts being close to as effective as he was last year with the Twins. If these things happen and Nathan remains dependable we could start winning.
Wouldn't that be nice?

thrylos98 said...


Guerrier is officially better that his 2007 form (as long as Gardy doesn't overuse him) :

2009: 0.871 WHIP, 6.1 K/9, 3.50 K/BB
2007: 1.045 WHIP, 7.0 K/9, 3.24 K/BB

Crain and Breslow have been disappointing so far. They might hopefully turn it around

But as long as Gardy is playing his buddies (Cuddyer, Punto, Redmond) over more deserving players and as long as the Twins do not get another starter, I am not that hopeful.

Gardy's got to go. He is dragging this team down...

Anonymous said...

The Twins need a new fresh manager to breathe life into this dying organization. Gardy can call all the player meeetings he wants it won't make enough of a difference.

I have always defended Gardy because he does the best with what he is given by the GM Bill Smith. What he has been given is Mauer, Morneau, Nathan, Liriano, and Crede. This is a very good nucleus to win with but wait a minute their not winning. They are not winning because of Gardy and the coaches.

thrylos98 said...


I agree. I stopped defending Gardenhire when he was swept in the 2006 ALDS, in a post-season when the Twins were the favorites to win the World Series... The guy cannot win big games and he is playing personal favorites vs. the best people. About time he gets the boot. As far as the coaches go, Vavra has been one of the worse hitting coaches in the majors and Anderson is way overrated. The pitching (all but Guerrier) have regressed this year and this is 100% on Andy. Any way you cut it.