The Twins sign five more 2018 draftees. Here is the updated list of 24.

The Twins have signed 5 more players they drafted in 2018 for a total of 24.  The signing deadline is July 6, so expect more picks to sign.  Also, Chris Williams has officially been listed as a first baseman.

Here is the updated list with the new names in italics:

C Ryan Jeffers (2)
OF DaShawn Keirsey (4)
RHP Josh Winder (7)
1B Chris Williams (8)
OF Joe Garry (9)
RHP Regi Grace (10)
RHP Jon Olsen (12)
C Trevor Casanova (13)
LHP Kody Funderburk (15)
LHP Erik Cha (17)
RHP Andrew Cabezas (18)
RHP Austin Schulfer (19)
RHP Seth Pinkerton (20)
1B Gabe Snyder (21)
RHP Jacob Blank (22)
C Albee Weiss (23)
RHP Brian Rapp (26)
IF Hunter Lee (27)
C Austin Hale (28)
LHP J.T. Perez (29)
LHP Denny Bentley (33)
RHP Dylan Stowell (34)
RHP Tanner Howell (35)
OF Tyler Webb (40)

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