List of the nineteen 2018 darft picks who have signed with the Twins

Here is the list of the 2018 draft picks who have signed with the Minnesota Twins so far.  The College season is not done yet, and the draft signing deadline is July 6 so expect several more picks, esp. from the top 10 to sign.

The following 19 picks have already signed (draft round in parenthesis.)

C Ryan Jeffers (2)
OF DaShawn Keirsey (4)
C Chris Williams (8)
OF Joe Garry (9)
RHP Regi Grace (10)
C Trevor Casanova (13)
LHP Kody Funderburk (15)
RHP Andrew Cabezas (18)
RHP Austin Schulfer (19)
RHP Seth Pinkerton (20)
1B Gabe Snyder (21)
RHP Jacob Blank (22)
C Albee Weiss (23)
RHP Brian Rapp (26)
IF Hunter Lee (27)
LHP J.T. Perez (29)
LHP Denny Bentley (33)
RHP Tanner Howell (35)
OF Tyler Webb (40)

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