Twins Spring Training Notes: 2/28/2018

Still a couple of weeks before  I perform my annual ritual going south to Fort Myers to follow  the 2018 Twins during their Spring Training and write my thoughts live from there, but as things solidify and happen during this time, better start taking notice.  Here are my notes from the Twins' Spring Training so far, in a random order:

  • At this point, especially if the Twins go with 4 starters, necessitating spots in the pen for some of the veterans who missed the last spot, like Luke Phil Hughes, I would not call anyone other than Fernando Rodney, Addison Reed, and Zach Duke, a lock for the bullpen.  Taylor Rogers could be close to one, but the fact that he has options left, may play to his disadvantage.
  • As far as the rotation goes, it has been presented as pretty much a two way battle between Hughes and Adalberto Mejia (who has options left);  however, if Fernando Romero has a couple more outings like his first, it will be difficult not to put him in the conversation for a rotation spot. Zack Littel also has a perfect 2 inning appearance, and Anibal Sanchez looked pretty good in his two innings.
  • Hughes had a decent outing and that included a 91 mph fastball, most since 2014 
  • Sanchez was at 91-93 with the fastball and already his changeup was very effective.  Maybe even more importantly, he looks in much better shape than he did last season 
  • Jose Berrios has a single inning, 32 pitch outing, that looked better in real life because he was working on his changeup, which is what players who made the roster do during this time.  He hit 95 with the fastball and his breaking ball was fine.  No worries there. 
  • The Twins had the best off-season since the before the 1991 season, and we know what happened then.
  • Logan Morrison will wear number 99.  98 was taken; thank you very much.  Morrison  will add another power bat next to Miguel Sano in the middle of the order, which will help the Twins.
  • Speaking of the devil, no matter what the same Twin Cities dinosaurs say and they are going to say ad nausem, Sano does not look fat these days.  Proof
  • I have a very hard time seeing any of the non-roster invitees making this team.  
  • It looks like Nick Gordon is groomed to be a second baseman and heir apparent of Brian Dozier, since he has been playing second base and not shortstop (other than in the game against the Gophers).  Something to keep an eye at when Gordon moves to the back fields this Spring and starts his minor league season.
  • I just hope thatthis season does not turn into the Joe Mauer and Brian Dozier last season with the Twins drama, but both have been vocal about it (mostly because they have been asked) and if one reads between the lines will find out that Dozier has a different agenda on the subject  than Mauer, which is not entirely unexpected, since one has actual ties to the community and is older, already benefiting from free agency.
I will be making more such notes in somewhat regular intervals few times a week and daily when I am at Fort Myers. To see all the notes and coverage of the 2018 Twins' Spring Training, including live reports from Fort Myers in the second half of March, please visit here.

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