Lomography: Twins' 1B/DH Logan Morrison by the numbers

Multiple reports have indicated that the Twins have signed left hand hitting and throwing Free Agent 1B/DH Logan Morrison to a 1 year $5.5M contract with a team option for $9 million for a second year, which vests with 600 PA in 2017 and can be bought out with $1 million.  In addition, there are $1 million per year in PA-based incentives.  This signing signals that switch hitting 1B/DH Kennys Vargas, who is out of options, as are UT Ehire Adrianza & OF/DH Robby Grossman, both slated for the Twins' bench in 2018, spare injuries or a miracle is in his final days of his career with the Twins.

We know about the HRs and the rest of his cumulative numbers, but let's see how Morrison fits in the Twins' team utilizing his 2017 rate numbers:

Positive attributes (highest rank better)

wOBA: .363, 1st
wRC+: 130, 1st
BB%: 13.5%, 3rd (Grossman 14.7, Gimenez 14.7)
isoP: .268, 1st
GB/FB: 0.72, 1st
LD% 20.5:, 7th (Gimenez 25.8, Mauer 24.9, Grossman 24.8,  Castro 24.6, Buxton 23.2, Granite 21.0, Sano 20.6)
HR/FB: 22.5%, 2nd (Sano 27.5%)
% Hard contact: 37.4%, 2nd (Sano 44.8%)
UZR/150: at 1st Base: 2.0, 3rd (Maure 9.1, Vargas 4.6)

Negative attribute (lowest rank better) 

K%: 24.8%, 7th (Sano 35.8, Buxton 29.4, Vargas 29.2, Garver 28.8, Gimenez 26.7, Castro 26.5)

Statcast numbers (from baseball savant) :

Barrels/BBE: 12.8%, 2nd (24th overall in MLB)  (Sano 16.3, 6th overall)
% exit velo 95+: 42.1%,  3rd (32nd oveall)  (Sano 46%, 11th overall, Mauer 42.7%, 26th overall)

And as a parting shot, his 2017 spray chart (also from baseball savant) overlapping with Target Field, that indicates that if he played all his games at Target Field, and the balls he hit had the same fate as in other parks (lots of assumptions there with these type of exercises btw, especially regarding wind patterns, temperature, humidity, weather, etc., since he played at least half of his games in a dome) :

So what do the numbers tell us about what the Twins potentially acquired in Logan Morrison?

They got a left hand power hitter only second to and complementing right handed Miguel Sano, as far power in the middle of the lineup goes.  Also they got a hitter who was more productive than any Twins' hitter (likely due to afforementioned Sano's injuries) in 2017.  All in all a huge upgrade over Kennys Vargas, other than potentially defensively at 1B, based on UZR/150 numbers.  With RHB Sano and LHB Morrison hitting back to back, the Twins increase the possibilities of taxing opposing pitchers, a luxury they did not have in 2017. 

A great move for the Twins.

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