Monday Graphic in Technicolor: 135 MLB starting pitchers classified based on 2013 performance, including the MNTwins targets.

Not many words because this picture (which you might have to wait until it loads) is worth and has more than 1000.  Here are the names and 2013 numbers of all 135 MLB starting pitchers who pitched more than 100 innings.  I thought that it would be a good reference as transaction will be taking place this off-season.  The measurements included are: K/9, K/BB, K%, WHIP, BABIP, ERA, FIP, E-F (ERA-FIP),  xFIP,  tERA, SIERA, PE, xPE.   If you are not familiar with PE and xPE, more on those here.    The pitchers are color coded based on the PE/xPE standards listed here with the key being:

Where "REPL" is replacement level.   Interesting to see that there are only nice pitchers with Ace performance (PE) or potential (xPE) based on the 2013 numbers and only fifteen number 1/2 starters (including a couple of free agents) based on the same criteria.  From the 3 Twins' starters that pitched more than 110 innings, two were in the 4 to 5 starter range (Pelfrey, Correia) and one (Diamond) in the Replacement range.  The list is shorted by increasing FIP.

Without further ado:

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