Eddie Rosario speaks to the press: I tested positive for painkillers

By know everyone knows that one of the top ten Minnesota Twins' prospects, Eddie Rosario, has tested positive for a banned substance.  The first report came from Hiram Torraca in Puerto Rico  Monday afternoon,  and Peter Gammons tweeted something cryptic yesterday, a day afterwards.

There was a lot of speculation for the substance that Rosario tested positive for.  He admitted that he took something for pain.  Today, in an interview with Fernando Ribas Reyes of El Nuevo Dia, Rosario reiterated that (translation from Spanish : )

"he decided to take some pills to treat pain in his right throwing arm. He added that the banned substance he tested positive for was present in these pills. He added that the drug had the same function as what he took in 2011 to treat the pain when was hit in the face with a pitch in Class A."

So it looks like what Rosario tested positive for was likely a prescription narcotic painkiller and he was suspended under the "street drugs" ban.  Not PEDs.  And based on his comments, the same painkiller prescribed to him to treat his broken jaw in 2011.

Reportedly, MLB needs to "resolve something" before a suspension is announced.  Could it be whether he had a prescription? 

A couple more interesting details from the article:   Rosario regrets what he did, but he will appeal the suspension.   Also, he denied the rumors that the Twins have asked him to return to the outfield.  His manager in the Indians of the Puerto Rican Winter League is former second baseman Carlos Baegra who is helping him with his fielding.

More details for the suspension to follow as they come.

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