129 College pitcher names everyone should know before the 2013 MLB Draft

Every year about this time, I present profiles of College and High School players that the Minnesota Twins might draft.   Last year, I identified pitching as a high need, so I presented the profiles of 23 pitchers, all potential Twins' draft picks.  The Twins, properly, went ahead and picked a High School outfielder instead.   I will be doing something different this year.  Like past years, I will continue to present mini-profiles of every single Twins' draftee (you can find the 2012 profiles here) but instead of profiling 20some players that the Twins might pick, I will name several players (in the hundreds) that will be drafted.

The thought behind this is that everyone knows the 4-5 players who make up the pool of talent that the Minnesota Twins will select with the 4th overall picks (for a refresher, look at the aggregate mock draft picks); however, there is little information about players in later rounds.  I hope that this fills that gap somewhat.   I am dividing it into 4 parts: College Pitchers, College Position Players, High School Pitchers and High School Position Players.   This is the first part and includes College Pitchers.  One thing that we learned from the 2012 draft, the first one under the new CBA, is that the new rules favor selecting College picks.  Thus, I am certain that the 129 names I am presenting here will all get selected sometime in this draft and that the Twins will select 4-5 of them.

This is just an naming names list; in the near future, additional one liners of information (micro scouting reports) will be added about each player, after I complete all four installments.   I know it is somewhat of a huge undertaking, but it is fun.

Here are 129 College pitcher names everyone should know before the 2013 MLB Draft, alphabetically:

Tyler Alexander, LHP Carroll
Chris Anderson RHP Jacksonville
Mark Appel RHP Stanford
Barrett Astin RHP Arkansas
Alex Balog RHP San Fransisco
Carson Baranik RHP  Miami-Dade CC
Tyler Barnette, RHP Charlotte
Cal Becker, RHP, Palm Beach State
Kirby Bellow LHP Texas
Aaron Blair, RHP Marshall
Matt Boyd LHP Oregon State
Justin Brantley, RHP, Siena
Hunter Brothers, RHP, Lipscomb
Aaron Brown, LHP Pepperdine
Shane Carle, RHP, Long Beach State
Dan Child, RHP Oregon State
Harrison Cooney, RHP, Florida Gulf Coast
Dace Kime RHP Louisville
Jonathon Crawford RHP Florida
Brady Corless, RHP Salt Lake
Dylan Covey RHP San Diego
Josh Dezse RHP/1B Ohio State
Eric Dorsch, RHP, Kent State
Calvin Drummond RHP Arizona Christian
Ryan Eades RHP LSU
Erick Eck, RHP Wofford
Kent Emanuel LHP North Carolina
Zane Evans, RHP/C Georgia Tech
Buck Farmer, RHP, Georgia Tech
Kyle Finnegan, RHP Texas State
Nathan Foriest LHP Middle Tennessee State
Scott Frazier RHP Pepperdine
Dakota Freese, RHP Des Moines Area CC
David Garner RHP Michigan State
David Gates RHP Howard
Daniel Gibson LHP Florida
Zachary Godley P
Marco Gonzales LHP Gonzaga
Alex Gonzalez RHP Oral Roberts
Nicholas Gonzalez P South Florida
Trevor Gott, RHP Kentucky
Jonathan Gray, RHP, Oklahoma
Chad Green, RHP, Louisville
Matt Grimes, RHP Georgia Tech
Jerad Grundy, LHP, Kentucky
Alex Haines, LHP  Seton Hill
Michael Howard LHP Baylor
Jason Hursh RHP Oklahoma State
CK Irby  RHP Samford
Ricky Jacquez, RHP Central Arizona
Jake Johansen, RHP Dallas Baptist
Chase Johnson RHP Cal Poly
Christian Jones LHP Oregon
Jon Keller RHP Tampa
Tanner Kiest, RHP Riverside
Dace Kime, RHP Louisville
Keenan Kish RHP Florida
Erich Knab, RHP, Spartanburg Methodist
Corey Knebel RHP Texas
Forrest Koumas, RHP North Carolina
Austin Kubitza RHP Rice
Alex Lakatos, RHP, Michigan 
Randy LeBlanc RHP Tulane
Tyler Linehan LHP Fresno State
Corey Littrell, LHP Kentucky
Ben Lively, RHP, Central Florida
Sean Manaea LHP Indiana State
Johnny Magliozzi, RHP, Florida
Trey Masek RHP Texas Tech
Kenny Mathews, LHP Riverside
Mike Mayers, RHP Ole Miss
Jake McCasland RHP New Mexico
Kurt McCune RHP LSU
Andrew Mitchell RHP TCU
Albert Minnis, LHP, Wichita State
Sam Moll LHP Memphis
Spencer Navin C Vanderbilt
Case Nixon C Alabama
Dillon Overton LHP Oklahoma
Paul Paez, LHP Rio Hondo
Jordan Patterson OF South Alabama
TJ Pecoraro RHP Vanderbilt
Nick Petree, RHP Missouri State
Philip Pfeifer LHP Vanderbilt
Adam Plutko RHP UCLA
Kayden Porter, RHP Southern Nevada CC
Cody Reed, LHP Northwest Mississippi
Tony Rizzotti RHP Tulane
Nic Pivetta, RHP New Mexico
Drake Roberts 2B Navarro
Angel Rosa SS Alcorn State
Nick Rumbelow, RHP LSU
Javier Salas RHP Miami
Lukas Schiraldi, RHP Navarro CC
Brad Schreiber, RHP Purdue (Twins' 2012 40th round pick)
Jimmie Sherfy, RHP Oregon
Braden Shipley, RHP, Nevada
John Simms RHP Rice
Tyler Skulina, RHP Kent State
Dan Slania RHP Notre Dame
DeAndre Smelter, RHP Georgia Tech
Myles Smith, RHP, Lee CC
DJ Snelten, LHP Minnesota
Ryne Stanek RHP Arkansas
Teddy Stankiewicz RHP Seminole State JC
Gandy Stubblefield RHP  Texas A&M
Colby Suggs RHP Arkansas
Stephen Tarpley, LHP Scottsdale CC
Trey Teakell, RHP, TCU
Jeff Thompson, RHP, Louisville
Andrew Thurman RHP UC Irvine
Justin Topa RHP Long Island U Brooklyn
Josh Uhen, RHP Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Nick Vander Tuig RHP UCLA
AJ Vanegas RHP Stanford
Austin Voth, RHP Washington
Konner Wade RHP Arizona
Michael Wagner, RHP San Diego
Bobby Wahl RHP Ole Miss
Billy Waltrip LHP Oklahoma
Zach Weiss, RHP, UCLA
Ben Wetzler LHP Oregon State
David Whitehead, RHP, Elon
Karsten Whitson RHP Florida
Trevor Williams RHP Arizona State
Tom Windle LHP Minnesota
Cole Wiper RHP Oregon
Rob Zastryzny, LHP, Missouri
Kevin Ziomek LHP Vanderbilt

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