114 College position player names everyone should know before the 2013 MLB Draft

A couple days ago, in preparation for the 2013 MLB Draft, I listed 129 names of College Pitchers who will get drafter in that draft and several of them will be drafted by the Minnesota Twins.   In this second segment, I am listing the names of 114 College position players who will be drafted.   The Twins will likely draft several of them.

Will they redraft LJ Mazzilli who decided to not sign and return to University of Connecticut for his Senior year?   Maybe, but not as high as they did last season, because with a below par performance, his stock really fell recently.  The Twins do like players with "bloodlines" and in addition to Mazzilli, thee are a few players whose last names are pretty famous.   (Craig Biggio's son, is a High School Senior, also eligible for this draft, but it is a different story.)

You can find all the 2013 MLB Draft content in this site here.

Without further ado, here is the list, alphabetically:

Brenton Allen, OF, UCLA
Zach Alvord 3B Tampa CC
Mario Amaral C Miami-Dade CC
Tim Anderson SS East Central Community College
Michael Arencibia OF Tallahassee CC
Pat Biondi, OF, Michigan
Aaron Blair OF Fresno St
Krey Bratsen OF Texas A&M
Colin Bray OF Faulkner
Jake Bray, 3B Feather River
Aaron Brown, OF/1B/LHP Pepperdine
Jaycob Brugman OF Brigham Young
Kris Bryant 3B/1B San Diego
Elliot Caldwell, OF South Carolina Community College
Victor Caratini C Miami-Dade CC
Dale Carey, OF, Miami
Shon Carson, OF, South Carolina
Kyle Carter, OF Miami-Dade CC
Connor Castellano 2B Santa Fe CC
Danny Collins, 3B Troy
Chase Compton, 1B Louisiana-Lafayette
Ryan Cordell, OF Liberty
Conor Costello OF Navarro
Omar Cotto, OF USC
Johnny Coy, 1B Wichita State
Dustin DeMuth, 3B Indiana
Drew Dosch, 3B Youngstown State
Hunter Dozier, 3B/SS, Stephen F. Austin State
Jeff Driskel OF Florida
Jordan Dunatov, OF  Central Arizona College
Sean Dwyer OF Florida Gulf Coast
Kaiana Eldredge, 2B, Kansas
Adam Engel, OF  Louisville
Phil Ervin OF Samford
Kyle Farmer, SS Georgia
Jacob Felts C Texas
Dominic Ficociello 1B/3B Arkansas
Johnny Field OF Arizona
Eric Filia-Snyder, OF UCLA
Billy Flamion, OF, Grossmont
Adam Frazier SS Mississippi St.
Mitchell Garver, C New Mexico
Ryan Gebhardt OF Louisiana Tech
Conrad Gregor 1B Vanderbilt
Trey Griffin, OF Tennessee Wesleyan
Cody Gunter, 3B Grayson County CC
Conner Hale 3B Manatee CC
Jordan Hankins, 2B Austin Peay
Ryon Healy, 1B/C, Oregon
Tyler Horan, 1B/OF Virginia Tech
Mott Hyde SS Georgia Tech
CK Irby, OF/RHP Samford
Eric Jagielo 3B/OF Notre Dame
JaCoby Jones 2B/OF LSU
Kevin Jordan, OF, Wake Forest
Aaron Judge OF Fresno State
Lonnie Kauppila SS Stanford
Tony Kemp 2B/OF Vanderbilt
Jared King, OF Kansas State
Andrew Knapp, C California
Kevin Koziol, SS, Parkland
Tyler Kuresa, 1B UC Santa Barbara
Hunter Lockwood, C Weatherford CC
Dylan LaVelle, 3B Everett CC
Michael Lorenzen OF/RHP Cal State Fullerton
Tyler Marincov, OF North Florida
Jamal Martin OF Santa Fe CC
Trey Mancini, 1B Notre Dame
Jacob May, SS/OF Coastal Carolina
LJ Mazzilli 2B U Conn
Joel McKeithan, 3B Vanderbilt
Jason Monda, OF Washington State
Colin Moran 3B North Carolina
Matt Moynihan OF Texas
Spencer Navin, C  Vanderbilt
Case Nixon C Alabama
Adam Nelubowich, 3B, Washington State
Kelly Norris-Jones, C, Illinois
Michael O’Neill, OF Michigan
Daniel Palka OF/1B Georgia Tech
Jordan Parr, 3B, Illinois
Mark Payton OF Texas
DJ Peterson 3B New Mexico
Chad Pinder, SS/3B, Virginia Tech
Zack Powers 3B Florida
Vickash Ramjit 1B Florida
James Ramsay OF South Florida
Brian Ragira 1B Stanford
Matt Reida SS Kentucky
Hunter Renfroe, C/OF, Mississippi State
Raph Rhymes, OF LSU
JT Riddle, 2B Kentucky
Drake Roberts 2B Navarro
James Roberts, SS, Southern California
Matt Roberts, C North Carolina
Angel Rosa SS Alcorn State
Tyler Ross, C LSU
David Schuknecht C Riverside
Michael Suiter, OF, Kansas
Christian Summers SS Angelo State
Daniel Sweet OF Florida
Ryan Tella, OF, Auburn
Brandon Thomas, OF Georgia Tech
Brandon Trinkwon, SS/2B UC Santa Barbara
Stuart Turner C Ole Miss
John Underwood 1B Palm Beach State
Josh Van Meter, SS, Norwell
Erich Weiss, 2B/SS Texas
Conor Williams, OF Utah Community College
Trey Williams 3B College of the Canyons
Austin Wilson OF Stanford
Kyle Wren, OF Georgia Tech
Mike Yastrzemski, OF, Vanderbilt
Jimmy Yezzo, IF, Delaware

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