Random Tuesday Twins Thoughts and Tidbits

Here is this week's installment (heavily influenced by Spring Training) :

  • Wishing my best to Joel Zumaya, who's career with the Twins for all practical purposes ended last Sunday. Several media outlets have mentioned that he is considering retiring from baseball and becoming a professional fisherman. Terry Ryan indicated that the Twins most likely will replace Zumaya from within the organization, which opens another position in their pen. I looked at the potential possibilities here yesterday.

  • In another interesting story from the Twins' camp, we learned that Doumit will not be part of the first base rotation, J.R. Towles has hopes on sticking with the big team, and that Luke Hughes might actually take batting practice today. Yesterday he took swings without a ball and felt good, according to himself. Meanwhile there are reports that Revere's arm has been stronger this offseason. Paul Molitor on ESPN 1500 mentioned that yesterday Revere threw over the head of the cut-off man (Nishioki) in practice. Interesting to see how this develops. Another thing we learn yesterday is that Ron Gardenhire opened his mind and the Revere LF- Span CF- Willingham RF he (almost) wrote on stone this offseason, might not be it, if it does not make sense. Good to hear.

  • A former member of the Twins' World Championship teams, is selling Fish Tacos, while a current Twins' pitcher is clearing the Fort Myers seas from sharks

  • A recently departed Twins, has already made his presense felt in his new team's clubhouse, while another of his former teammates who pitched last season with the Bridgeport Bluefish, is now an Angel

  • I bet that you did not know that there is an annual MLB groundskeeper's convension and an MLB Groundskeepers Hall of Fame. I didn't. Now we all do.

  • The Twins' player Tweet of the week award goes to Ben Revere with this one. When Ben retires from baseball, he has a bright future in fortune cookie script writing. Niko Goodrum gets second place with this advice. Also from the tweet deparment, Ben Revere thinks that a certain fast food joint, hold the secret to hitting home runs

  • You absolutely have to read the transcript of the texting conversation that Ron Gardenhire had with Nick Punto after the Cardinals won the Worls Series.

  • We have learned (from Drew Butera) that Jamey Carroll is "smooth as a baby's bottom". No comment.

  • Word of the week: hypocorism. As in "with Spring Training starting, Twins' manager Ron Gardenhire would need to find hypocorisms for all his new players." I guess Carroll is already set "Jamey" and Marquis too, "Markey", but will we hear "Doumey" and "Willey"? Time will tell.

  • Speaking of Gardy, he announced that the Twins will continue serving beer at the clubhouse. No word about fried chicken yet.

The parting shot today was inspired by this shot that Phil Mackey posted of Joe Mauer taking grounders at first base last Sunday on one of the Twins' practice field. Chainlink fence, trees, houses. Spring Training... The more things change, the more they say the same. So the parting shot is of Hall of Famer, then full time manager, part (10%) owner and ocassional pitcher of the Washington Senators, Clark Griffith, hitting grounders in the Washington Senators' spring training in Charlotesville, VA at 1913. 99 years ago. He was 43 then. Chainlink fence, trees, houses...

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