Tuesday morning Roy Oswalt update: Another suitor

Here is what we learned last night and this morning about Roy Oswalt:

  • Put the Cincinnati Reds on Roy Oswalt's list, but it will be hard for them to afford him; as John Fay reports in the Cincinnati Enquirer. Walt Jocketty, the Reds' GM, indicates that Oswalts representatives contracted the Reds, but, he also said, that they are "pretty tapped out" and "would need to be very creative" to make it happen. John Fay today tweets that it is a long shot but does not dismiss it.

  • The Boston Red Sox meanwhile, signed Coddy Ross for $3 million, cutting in half the $6 million they saved by trading Marco Scutaro to the Rockies. Could they still afford Oswalt? Do they prefer another SP (Wendy Rodriguez, Galvin Floyd) via a trade? We might find out soon. Keith Law tweets that he feels that Oswalt's "medicals" have been an issue for teams other than the Red Sox, which is an interesting tidbit to keep in mind.

The complete coverage on Roy Oswalt including earlier developments is here, in reverse chronological order.

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