The latest on Roy Oswalt

Here is the latest update on Roy Oswalt:

  • Buster Olney reports that the Boston Red Sox have offered an one-year $5 million contract to Roy Oswalt. In addition, they have offered a contract to Edwin Jackson, so their priorities are not clear at this moment.

  • Adam Boedeker of NBC Dallas reports that the Texas Rangers are close to signing the righty. There are no details of the interactions, but he reiterrates the alleged Oswalt preference to sign either with the Rangers or the St. Louis Cardinals so he can be close to his South Missouri ranch. Peter Gammons first reported that.

  • Ken Rosenthal adds a few more clubs to the list: the Washington Nationals, Cleveland Indians, and Milwaukee Brewers.

The complete coverage on Roy Oswalt including earlier developments is here, in reverse chronological order.

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