Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone in the Twins Territory a very Merry Christmas. And Santa will have that 2012 World Series trophy wrapped under the tree


Marv said...

Happy Holidays, thry.

Thanks for the rundown on the pitchers. Difficult to see what Jason will add that we don't already have, but they appear to have met their goal of lowering the payroll.


thrylos98 said...

Happy holidays, Marv.

Long time no see! Yeah, I think that the payroll reductions and quasi-competing stance in 2012 might be slightly contradictory, but I really think that it depends on whether they can get Morneau, Mauer, Liriano, Baker, Span (in that order) firing in all cylinders come April. They are probably not done yet, will add a right hand arm in the pen and take it from there. If they are out of it in July, they can be traders (unfortunately they did not do that last season). But if everything is go, and there are butts on Target field seats and merch sales pick up, you never know... I hope for the latter.

Take care