Random Thoughts from Twins' Second Game of the Season

The Twins beat the Angels last night to put their fist victory of the season in the books. Here are some random thoughts about the game:

  • The hitting of the team so far has been phenomenal. And, yes, four different batters (Young, Mauer, Morneau, Hardy) hit home runs in these 2 first games of this young season, but this is not the whole story. A very interesting sign is that the hitters so far are 8/14 (.571) collectively in BB/K ratio. This is much better than last season, when after the first 2 (home) games that ratio was 6/19 (.317) and after the whole season 585/1021 (.546). So (and yes, it is a small sample size) this team does not only look more powerful (team isoP after two games is .219, which is higher than that of the Yankees' last season, .183), looks more patient. If they keep this up opposing rotations and bullpens will need to watch out.

  • Blackburn is Mr. Consistent. It is fair to say that what you saw the last 2 seasons is what you get from him: Rope walking on a high rope over a burning pit. Sometimes he cruises to the other side, sometimes he has to stop and take a breath and sometimes he falls in the pit. He didn't last night

  • The bullpen will be ok. Now everyone other that Alex Burnett has been though a game. Crain, Neshek and Guerrier were excellent in their spots, Mijares was beaten up pretty badly, but I am certain that this was just a bad outing, Duensing was ok, but faced a single batter and Rauch was lights out recording his first save as a Twin, pitching a perfect 9th and striking out 2 batters. Yes, there will be bad moments, but all in all I believe that this pen will be one of the strengths of this team

  • Having an attempt to a snuggie-wearing world record (The Anaheim Stadium is right off Disneyland, so everything is possible) on Bert Blyleven's Birthday is a bad combination. Ergo:

    Bert looking like one of the Magi or Burger King donning a birthday cake hat and the aforementioned snuggie. Notice the shame of the person to his right, hiding his face from the cameras, while Dick, far left, cannot believe his eyes. Notice pitcher with unidentified brown liquid between Dick and Bert

  • Last season the Twins went 1-3 through their Aneheim trip. This year they are guaranteed to at least match this record and possibly better it with Carl Pavano facing Santana tonight and their ace, Kevin Slowey taking the mount in the last game.

I am certain that this will be an exiting season for the Twins and their fans


Dan Lindholm said...

I don't think Dick is in that picture...

thrylos98 said...

Dick is all the way to the right. Sportscoat, tie and glasses

William said...

Thry, we hardly knew ye -- so far this season at the Strib blogs. Yeah, it's encaptured and dull there lately. Yet, best foot forward and all that. Time to kick it up a notch. My best, romer

Marv said...

A victory in Game 3.
I like this team. Even Romer's favorite, LNP, had a couple hits.

It will be fun to see where the stats go. I think with Thome on the team that can only help the other hitters. That guy probably has ideas about hitting that anyone can find useful.
It's a good time to be a Twins fan.

thrylos98 said...


I tried to go over at the Strib boards a couple of times, but the format just drives me crazy. I so do not like what they did with it.


so far so good. 2 wins in Anaheim are more than the Twins got last season and I suspect that it will be 3 soon. I agree about Thome. Even though he has been the "enemy" with Cleveland the the W Sox (and he was the reason the Twins lost game 183 in 2008) and he is not what he used to be, he for sure will help hitters like Morneau and Kubel on the team. Great time to be a Twins fan!