Seventeen things the Twins can do to right the ship

Everyone is trying to play general manager/owner this time of the year, so here is my list:

  • Fix the on field personnel and the chemistry of the club. This team has lost its spark; it is time for infusion of energy:

    • Release Ron Gardenhire from the MLB manager position, offer him another position in the organization and hire former Twin (and 1986 World Champion) Wally Backman as the new Twins manager

    • Release Ron Anderson from the MLB pitching coach position, offer him another position in the organization and promote Bobby Cuellar as the new Twins pitching coach

    • Replace Scott Ullger with Jake Mauer as the Twins' third base coach

    • Replace Steve Liddle with a Latino bench coach of Wally Backman's choice

    • Establish the post of the Twins' team captain and make Joe Mauer the first ever Twins' captain

  • Fix the rotation. It is no secret that the Twins' Achilles heel this season has been the pitching, both starting and relief.

    • Trade Glenn Perkins to the Mariners for Jared Washburn and a minor leaguer like Michael Pineda or Brett Lorin

    • Try to work a deal with the Giants for Barry Zito. I argued that point here recently

    • Trade Nick Blackburn for pitching prospects

    • These moves will give the Twins a rotation of Slowey (Swarzak until he returns), Baker, Zito, Washburn and Liriano

  • Fix the bench and the outfield mess.

    • Clean up house in the majors: DFA Redmond, recall Morales, option Buscher and call up Huber

    • Try to see what kind of prospects you can get for Punto and call up Grudz when ready and have Tolleson fill in until ready

    • Establish a starting OF of Span LF, Gomez CF, Young RF; use Cuddyer as a super sub

    • This will give the Twins a bench of: Cuddyer, Grudz/Tolleson, Morales, Huber; not bad.

  • Improve the bullpen.

    • Keppel and Duensing do not belong in a major league bullpen, and much more in a contender's bullpen. Release Keppel and promote Morillo and option Duensing to Rochester. This will leave one empty spot.

    • Go after a 8th inning reliever like Scott Downs or Chris Wuertz. There is a huge OF depth in the minors that is unlikely to make it in the majors with the Twins, with the oldest of the Twins' starting outfielders being 25 years old. Rene Tosoni (a Canadian) would be a perfect bargaining chip for a Downs trade. Martin, Winfree, Pridie, Roberts also could factor in the equation

    • Mijares should be a LOOGY. Period. Denny Reyes, Jr. only better in getting lefties out and hitting the post-game buffet.

    • This would give the Twins a bullpen of Nathan (CL), Guerrier (8th), Wuertz/Downs (8th), Mijares (LOOGY), Crain and Morillo (low leverage), Dickey (long). Not that bad

  • Clean up house in the front office:

    • Allow/force/whatever Jim Rantz to retire (he is the only person in a MLB-organization's Hall of Fame who currently holds the same job he was elected for).

    • Bill Smith has his hands tied. All the old guard (Terry Ryan, Tom Kelly etc.) is there. Let them retire and let Bill Smith succeed or fail on his own

    • If this team does not make the post season this year, replace Bill Smith with Randy Bush, former World Champion with the Twins and current assistant GM with the Cubs



Anonymous said...


I think a stud starting pitcher would make the difference.

If the Twins get a pitcher that is known to give 7 or 8 innings on a regular basis, this rests the bullpen.

Which would go a long way toward solving bullpen problems.

Right now, there isn't a pitcher in the starting rotation that can be counted on.

Also, at this point, I see absolutely no reason to have any confidence in Liriano. He's been riding his rookie year, when he was outstanding.

Liriano is no longer that pitcher. Perhaps he would thrive with a different organization.

At this point, the front office should be frightened at the prospect of Joe Mauer signing somewhere else. Why should he stay with a lousy team?


Anonymous said...

Wally Backman has five days of MLB managerial experience. Even more impressive, they came in November.

Juanie said...

Are you serious? This is another reminder of why I don't read this blog on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

i agree with juanie.... why did you bother to take the time to write this crap? moreover, why did i take the time to read it? shame on me.

what's more, i found a link to this site on startrib. pretty sad.

thrylos98 said...

So... can you tell me what you disagree about, instead of hit-and-running?

Might be that Mauer should not be the team captain. Might be that this team does not need pitching in your opinion. So, I do beg, do tell me what your disagreement is here?

Anonymous said...

I like this site, but you dogging on Cuddyer and Gardenhire gets old. I know, both are overrated, we get it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, really i like this site,

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