There are a lot of ways on getting into Target Field next season...

And I was just emailed a different one... so I am sharing

I suspect that the airwaves in and around the Twins Cities are buzzing about this already (but, alas, they are outside my range) and here is the deal:

The Minnesota Lottery is having a promotion that runs until October 19, in which you can send special tickets in through the mail (these are non-winning scratch tickets) or entering some numbers (sorry, not a big lottery fan here) in their web site and there will be a drawing for several Twins-related prices, including:

  • Four-packs of regular-season game tickets in the new Target Field.

  • Ballpark VIP section seats in the new Target Field.

  • A suite experience for you and your friends in the new Target Field.

  • Spring Training trips to Fort Myers, Fla., in 2010.

(that was cut and paste)
but, still, this is a cool promotion and even though I buy approximately 5 scratch lottery tickets a year (to put into Christmas stockings), I'd spent $5 bucks just for it (too bad that here in Pennsylvania this is not that applicable)

and those scratch tickets look mighty cool:

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