Surfing the blogosphere

Here is a list of a few things that have caught my eye in the baseball blogosphere the last week or so:

  • Matt Cameron of USS Mariner fame in Fangraphs is counting down organizational rankings for all MLB franchises in reverse order. He is are up to #23 today. In the same blog, Marc Hulet is looking at the MLB teams prospects. The Twins should be coming up and it is always good to look at how other view an organization from a neutral point of view

  • Trevor Plouffe, got a new blog hosted by the MLB site, joining Glen Perkins, Kevin Slowey and Pat Neshek in the ranks of Twins player-bloggers (links to those other blogs at my blogroll at the left margin of this blog

  • The best WBC coverage, hands down (at least in English), is at Mister Baseball, a blog dedicated to baseball happenings in Europe. This blog is the only one of its kind and the best information source about baseball in Europe

  • Baseball Digest (remember the annual magazine that appears in newstands this time of the year?) is attempting a huge entry in blogosphere, featuring content from bloggers covering all MLB teams. The Twins' blog, which you can find here is edited by Seth Stohs (of sethspeaks.net and features additional veteran Twins' bloggers: Parker Hageman of Over the Baggy fame, Nick Nelson of Nicks & Nicks Twins Blog fame, John Meyer who runs the Twins Most Valuable Blogger blog and, last but not least, Josh Johnson from Josh's Thoughts.

  • Speaking of Josh Johnson, after he finished his 50 best Twins' prospects countdown, he is featuring a daily Top 50 MiLB Prospects countdown. Don't miss it.

  • Stick and Ball Guy is in the middle of a community exercise that involves, writing six word descriptions for current and former Twins' players and then voting for the best of the bunch per player. Lots of fun. Go and participate

  • A very unique blog that should be in your RSS reader or bookmarks just because of its significance is It Might Be Dangerous... You Go First. It is run by Paul DePodesta, the former GM of the LA Dodgers and current Assistant GM with the Padres. There Paul in addition to describing every personnel move the Padres make and the logic behind it, gives a great insight on the business things of baseball like how Rule 5 operates and how contracts for pre-arbitration eligible players work. A lot of good information and a great example of a pioneering franchise front office that wants to communicate directly with the fans. (Now only if someone taught Terry Ryan how to boot a computer...)

Any other happenings in the blogosphere you might want to add?

as a parting shot, here is Nick Punto after being drilled at the elbow in Italy's WBC game against Venezuela 2 days ago.

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