Friday the 13th is looming

And it is the opening day of the minor league camp for the Twins. With the return of Crain, Morneau and Punto from the WBC, it is almost guaranteed that there will be cuts from the major league camp and re-assignment to the minor league training camp. Who are the candidates? Here is a short list:

Trevor Plouffe
Danny Lehmann
Toby Gardenhire
Brock Peterson
Luis Matos
Ben Julianel

Do you think that someone else might be involved?


Marv said...

Brock Peterson has had one good swing of the bat this ST. Julianel has an ERA that looks like an ACT score. Toby's exit would help alleviate issues of nepotism, considering he was brought in as an 'extra'. This seems like the wrong team for Matos to make his comeback with. Plouffe's hitting suggests he is not 'the one' for MI backup. I don't even know who Lehmann is.
I would guess Toby goes & Peterson stays, but I couldn't make a call on the others.
How many have to go?

thrylos98 said...

There is no cap (or floor) on how many have to go. I suspect that Peterson will go because Mauer is back and Buscher and Harris will get reps at first base and Peterson will get more work in the minor league camp. Lehmann is a catcher... so is Christie (they will both go) but some more pitchers will go too. The thing with Matos is that as soon as the Australian team is done with the WBC, Huber will be with the big team in the camp (plus the fact that Matos has been fairly awful), which makes me thinks that he will either be in the minor league camp or released. Also, someone like Sean Henn might go, but for some reason the Twins like to have those retreads in Rochester (see Graves, Danny) waiting for Godot (and blocking real prospects)