The Red River and the Missouri River Situation in North Dakota

I know that this is not a baseball-related subject, but it is way much more important that baseball and I know that it is affecting readers of this blog, among hundreds of thousands of other people, and it is a situation that can be resolved, so I would like to point it out.

There is a lot of activity around Fargo-Morehead to prevent the Red River from flooding, as well as around Bismark to prevent the Missouri river from flooding. The situation is getting pretty dire. They are talking about evacuations starting tomorrow and looking for volunteers to raise makeshift dikes using sandbags. This is about the homes, shelters, well being and livelihoods of real people in these tough economic times. If you are around the area and are able to help, I would plea with you to give these folks a hand. If I did not live half a continent away, I would be there. FEMA and the US Corps of engineers are already there, and North Dakota was declared a federal disaster area today; and there has been a nasty blizzard going on, but this should not be another New Orleans. I hope and pray for the best for all the folks in the area. Let each of us do what we can possibly do to prevent that. If you cannot go there, publicize it. Talk about it, write about it, post about it in relevant places, so the ones who can be there go.

We don't want this to happen again

Thank you!


Marv said...

Nice post, thry.
The cold weather has vastly lowered the predicted river crest. They are not out of danger, but things may not be as bad as had been feared.
Thanks for this.

thrylos98 said...

Thanks for the update. I was up in Connecticut all weekend and had a hard time following... I am glad that the flood situation subsided