Details on Kubel's contract

Joe Christensen posted the details of Kubel's new contract with the Twins: 2009: $2.75 million, 2010: $4.25 million and an option for 2011 for $5.00 million.

Even in the current climate, this contract is very good for the Twins. Kubel just finished his age 26 season and produced at the rate of .272/.335/.471. His .199 isoP had him tied for the team lead with Justin Morneau. Another year removed from his leg injury and entering his prime years, Kubel is almost certainly destined to have a breakout season within the span of the contract. Not to be forgoten than at age 22, before he got promoted to Rochester, he led the Rock Cats with .377/.452/.667. That .290 isoP is the second highest that any current Twin had in pro ball, behind Morneau's .309 at his age 23 season in Rochester when he batted .306/.375/.615. How big was Kubel's New Britain season? The second best effort from a Twins batter in the minor leagues was the age 23 season of David Ortiz in Salt Lake City in the Pacific Coast League (a major hitter's league) when David had a .315/.413/.590 slash line.

Let's compare Kubel's age 26 season last year with several Twins LH power hitter age 26 seasons:

Kubel: .272/.335/.471
Morneau: .271/.343/.492
D. Ortiz: .272/.339/.500
Kent Hrbek: .267/.353/.478

it seems that Kubel is in good company

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Josh's Thoughts said...

I love this deal for the Twins. They definitely got a great deal! Now they just need to lock up Mauer before the end of the off-season.

thrylos98 said...

Yeah. Mauer has to be locked in for 3-4 more years or so sooner than later. Wilson Ramos and Josmil Pinto will be really good for the Twins sooner than later and they may push Mauer to a different position, but he does have to be locked in

Marv said...

So what's that going to take? Someone pointed out that other catchers are getting $13 million per year for multiple years. What's it going to take to lock up Mauer for 3 to 5 years? Would you want a contract longer than that?
Josh? Thry?

thrylos98 said...

What is going to take?

If it is redone this year:

(he is due $10.5 M for 2009 and 12.5 M for 2010)

2009: $11.5 M
2010: $13 M
2011: $14 M (Cuddyer is off the books) but arbitrations loom
2012: $14.5 M (Nathan could be off the books)
2013: $15.5 M (Nathan is off the books)

that keeps Mauer signed as long as Morneau and up to his age 30 season.

Would I go longer? Not at this point. Come 2011-2012 seeing how this team is doing, whether or not someone like Wilson Ramos can be the starting catcher in a year or two, maybe...

Marv said...

An extra $1.5M for the next 2 years & three more after that? Sounds great to me.
Most of MLB would be buzzing that the Twins got a steal.
Hate to see him and Morneau leave the same year, though.

thrylos98 said...

Hate to see him and Morneau leave the same year, though.

that would be about 5 years from now and by then there will be some more productive options for the Twins, since both Mauer and Morneau will be starting the downside of their careers