Who would have thought that, at this point, the Twins would have scored more runs than the Yankees, Cleveland, Angels, and would trail Detroit only by 7?

Blackburn seems to be ok after the hit by Abreu (who, btw is a total class act and went to visit at the clubhouse).

The clown has struck again. How can a first place team deal with that turmoil? By not being a first place team for much longer....

And of course, Detroit cannot be in any less disarray and the Indians are making the Royals look like a powerhouse right after they got swept by the Twins. There are no excuses not to win the Central this year. Gardy's job should be on the line if they don't.

Speaking of, this guy would have been a great manager for the Twins. The Twins should snag him and give him a MiLB job until Gardy's contract is up or gets fired. Do you hear Bill Smith?

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