Interview with GM Terry Ryan about Twins' 2015 and their off-season

Twins GM Terry Ryan gave a long (14 minute) interview to Eric Perkins, KARE 11 Sports director.  The video is here.  He spoke in legth about the 2015 season and what the plans for this off-season are.  Some highlights:

  • The 13-win increase was "great but not good enough". "Nice", "not good enough", "progress" (but not success) are some words that he used to describe the Twins' 2015. Need to "perform better and get into the post-season".  Want to get "in the 90-win area".
  • Feels pretty good with the youth they have and the players who surfaced this year.  "Will be better next year" but "cannot rest on what happened this year."  He called on players who did that last year and went "backwards"; did not name names but Santana, Arcia and Vargas sound about right. Said that it is dangerous if you "anoint people" because it brings "entitlement". 
  • Buxton was rushed this year, he will be ok, not the way they prefer to do it.
  • Hunter "is a priority", he "will be around" and they will "take care of it in the near future". So, expect an announcement regarding Hunter, likely returning as a role player, as soon as the World Series is over. Don't know "how fast Kepler might come".  They "got a little OF depth", including Arcia, but always good to have more.
  • They "got numbers" in starting pitchers and "dollars wrapped up in these guys".  They will "take a look at pitching".  Always a priority.  Have "good source of revenue" and are "pretty middle of the pack, where they should be" as far as payroll goes.  Hughes had a disappointing season and Nolasco was hurt.  They need to fix that.
  • The Plouffe/Sano situation is "a good issue", can "have room for both of them"; will "see where it fits".
  • Will "have to address" the Catcher situation.  Maybe need to "take some load off" Suzuki.  Make sure he "stays fresh".  Will get someone either via a trade or free agency.
  • Molitor "did a wonderful job", there is a feeling that "they got they right guy" and "no place but up for him and his staff to go".

Happy to hear that Ryan did not say that the season was a success, but be disappointed in the final result, and call it not good enough, which has been the sentiment around here, as well... 

As far as off-season movements go:
  • Re-signing Hunter
  • Getting a starting pitcher, if they have the opportunity
  • Getting a backup catcher to spell Suzuki off
  • Resolving the Plouffe/Sano situation, but they don't have to trade Plouffe
  • The interesting language he used to say a. that Plouffe might not be a numbers problem and b. Nolasco was hurt (instead of awful) might indicate that he is looking to trade them without looking like he has to.

seem to be his priorities.   Unfortunately, not mention about fixing the bullpen, which is the biggest and sorest issue with the 2015 Twins, which was unaddressed during the season.   Hopefully it will be a priority and was just not mentioned in this interview. 


Nate Obermiller said...

How was the bullpen not addressed during the season? They moved May to the bullpen, they brought in Jepsen and Cotts.

thrylos98 said...

And it was still the worst bullpen in the league...

Cotts had a >6 FIP, the kids they brought up from AAA were not good, Perkins and Fien faltered left and right. Having only May and Jepsen above average, does not make a decent pen.

They needed 2 more better than average arms that did not bother to get.

Nate Obermiller said...

There are only so many moves you can make, or should make with the team they had. They made three in season additions to the Bullpen (May, Jepsen, Cotts). 2 of those moves worked very well. Perkins battled injuries. This team wasn't an expected contender, and frankly made more moves than I thought they should have.

If you want to look at the concerning part, look at the fact that inevitably the plan was to have guys like Burdi, Jones, Reed etal make their way up and their struggles put a lot of question marks on the board for the future of the bullpen.