Where is Twins' General Manager Terry Ryan?

The 2014 non-waiver trading deadline passed and went.  There was minimal activity, namely the trade of Sam Fuld, and the only media statements were issued by the latest Twins' titular head, Rob Antony.    And those statements around the deadline were to offer (lame) excuses on why veterans have not moved in a rebuilding team.  Recently, Antony's statements have been of more substance, discussing Kennys Vargas' food and dietary situation, among other things.   Really high priority for a team that is on the way to a fourth season in a row on the bottom of the stands.

Where is this teams' General Manager?  And who is going to answer about the Twins' inactivity at the deadline?  Terry Ryan's last statement was on July 27th (that is 12 days ago), and that was to support Twins' manager Ron Gardenhire and say what a great job he has done (to lead his team to the last place again.)

I hope that there is nothing serious health-wise about Ryan, but his absence from the public eye in trying periods for his team is akin to that of certain late Soviet leaders.

Sounds like business as usual in the Twins' land, since there seem to be about 5 people or so who really care about the Twins and the shape they are in, any more, but something is really wrong and questions need to be asked...  


Kevin Kalb said...

By facing the public Ryan would open himself and the organization to more intense questioning and criticism from the ever-diminishing public interested in the Twins in their current configuration. I hope he is healthy, of course, and I only offer this alternative interpretation of his absence to balance the more dire interpretation.

thrylos98 said...

Hey, I don't think that he is dead. But. Any way you cut it, his absence around the trading deadline means that he is unfit to do his job. And this is ok and he has bigger fish to fry, but the Twins need more. And the are being secretive and this is the point here. And the funny thing is that this is the only place that this has been brought up.