Twins and Stranded Runners: Cuddyer, Kubel and Plouffe. Who strikes out more with 2 outs and RISP?

Given the troubles the Twins have in stranding I was recently in a discussion regarding who has been the worst rally killer in recent history with the Minnesota Twins as far as striking out with two outs and runners in scoring position.   My recollection, is that it was Micheal Cuddyer; it was suggested that Jason Kubel and Trevor Plouffe were worst that Cuddyer in this metric.   Here are their career statistics as far as Plate Appearances and Strikeouts with Runners In Scoring Position.   Note:  Cuddyer's and Kubel's numbers include their seasons away from the Twins, which help Cuddyer.

Without further ado:

Cuddyer: 770 PA, 183 K, K%: 23.8%
Kubel: 427 PA, 99 K, K%: 23.2%
Plouffe: 161 PA, 38 K, K%: 23.6%

It is a virtual three way tie, as far as career goes.

If you look at their Twins' only numbers you have:

Cuddyer: 651 PA, 156 K, K%: 24.0%
Kubel: 331 PA, 73 K, K%: 22.1%
Plouffe: 161 PA, 38 K, K%: 23.6%

Definitely Cuddyer is the leader in this category, with Plouffe close second and Kubel further removed. 

How about the MLB average?  Here are the MLB Totals in 2013:

2013 MLB total with RISP and 2 outs: 21837 PA, 4536 K, K%: 20.8% 

So all three do strike out more than the imaginary average/composite player in this situation.

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