If you don't think that the Twins pulled a coup to sign Phil Hughes, you should look at this

The Minnesota Twins, according to La Velle Neal, have agreed with RHP Phil Hughes to a 3 year 24 million contract.

Here is Hughes' Twitter page as of this morning:

Last time I checked, Minnesota was not on the West Coast, so the third year the Twins included, might have pulled them ahead of the competition.

More analysis to follow, but all in all a great signing for a solid number 3 pitcher, who has top of the rotation upside away from Yankee stadium.  The Twins are buying his prime years with a Willingham-like contract.


Marv said...

Seemed like there were no rumors about anyone offering Hughes a third year. Nice that TR pulled this off.

I would say I'm pleasantly surprised by TR this year, but it is more realistic to say I'm shocked.

Though I did really believe Jim Pohlad when he said he wanted to turn things around.

Hey, maybe good things are afoot!

thrylos98 said...

I agree. According to my calculations, they had about $60M/yr to spend to go to 52% of projected revenues. They are down $20M with $40M more to go. If they sign someone like Kazmir and a couple of bats, this might be a fun season...