Twins Trade Talk 2012: July 30

This continues the dialy trade talk updates for the Twins and of action around the league that influences the Twins trade moves, up until the deadline. You can find all the older updates here, in reverse chronological order. Here is the Twins Trade Talk the past 24 hours or so:
  • Fransisco Liriano to the Chicago White Sox is old news. Here are profiles of the players the Twins received in return. Apparently the Twins did not even talk about an extension at this point. and the Boston Red Sox were finalists up to the trade time. I wonder what their offer was to make the Twins' interim GM, Terry Ryan, trade within the division...
  • The last trade between the Twins and the White Sox was on September 3, 1986 when the Minnesota Twins traded Pete Filson to the Chicago White Sox for Kurt Walker. The last trade between the two teams that involved a decent player was on February 19, 1985 when the Twins traded Roch Scheer and Randy Johnson (Not THAT Randy Jonhson) to the White Sox for current TV analyst Roy Smalley. And both of those times, the White Sox were in a different division (AL East vs AL West.) The first ever trade between the two franchises was in June 13, 1903 when Ducky Holmes was traded by the Senators to the White Sox for a player to be named later and became Davey DUnkle a week afterwards.
  • Meanwhile, Twins' players were disappointed by the Liriano trade and White Sox GM Kenny Williams apparently thinks that they see some flaws they can fix to improve Liriano. Here are some additional reactions of Twins' players and coaches. Liriano himself was surprised by the trade.
  • On the Ron Gardenhire show on ESPN 1500 yesterday morning, Gardenhire said that there have been discussion about Justin Morneau and he really does not want Josh Willingham to leave the Twins.
  • Bob Nightengale indicates that the Twins are talking to other teams about Denard Span, but unlike what Terry Ryan said (ie. that he is after single A prospects,) he is looking for an MLB-ready pitcher in return.
  • This is a strange one (but very true) : The Seattle Mariners are interested in Josh Willingham. A package of Héctor Noesí and/or Erasmo Ramírez and maybe even Taijuan Walker could be in the works
  • Justin Morneau, Matt Capps, Carl Pavano and Nick Blackburn all make Jon Heyman's list of players who can get traded via waiver trades after tomorrow's deadline. Nick Blackburn? That is hopeful.

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