Profiles of the Top 22 Pitchers for the 2012 MLB Draft: Lucas Sims

With the Twins having a severe need for pitching in the organization as well as six picks among the top 100, it is certain that more than one of those picks (and probably the second overall pick) will be used to draft a pitcher. To this respect, I am presenting profiles of the top 22 pitching prospects for the 2012 MLB draft.

I will be presenting these alphabetically, and at the end I will rank them.  I will be doing about one a day and I will finish before the June 4th draft day. You can find all the profiles (in reverse alphabetical order) as they are presented here. I will start with RJ Alvarez and end with Kyle Zimmer.  Each profile with contain a bit of background information and statistics, a mini scouting report and videos and photos.

Profile 15: Lucas Sims


Lucas Sims is a senior at Brookwood High School in Lawrenceville, GA. He throws right handed and is listed at 6'2" and 185 lbs. He was born on May 10, 1994. Sims is also playing at shortstop but will be drafted as a pitcher. He is committed to attend Clemson University.

Mini Scouting Report:

Lucas Sims is throwing a fastball, a curveball and a change up. His Fastball is averaging 92-94 mph and has been thrown up to 96-97 mph. His stamina needs work because his velocity seems to drop late in the game. His fastball is an above average pitch with some life. His curveball is an above average pitch at 76-78 mph with a late break. His changeup is fairly polished. It sits between 85-87 and has good fade. He has a smooth delivery, even though there have been some concerns with his mechanics, especially his elbow being positioned high.


Here is a video of Lucas Sims Pitching:

Here is a video of Sims hitting and pitching from his perfect games showcase:

Here is a video interview:

And here is Sims pitching in a recent High School game (April 2012) :

His Perfect Game Profile Page has 5 additional videos of Lucas Sims.

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