Twins Report from Fort Myers. March 30th edition: Punto and the Red Sox and Goodbye Fort Myers

Tonight is my last night at Fort Myers. It has been a super blast to be able to spend 8-10 hrs a day at the Twins' Spring Training Complex on a daily basis. This will be the last of my Daily Reports from Fort Myers and it is a bit super-sized: 21 photos in all.

Like every morning, I started the day at the minor league Fields. Today was one of the rare days that all 4 fields were occupied and Twins' minor leaguers were either doing drills (Fields 1 and 4) or taking Batting Practice (Fields 2 and 3). Happy to finally snap an action photo of this previously elusive Twins' prospect:

Pretty tight two-seamer grip.

And the Celebrity of the Day (he was watching AAA BP at Field 2 and chatting -maybe commiserating- with Joe Benson about haircuts and the Twins' policy) :

Back at Hammonds Stadium for the Twins' game. Here are the lineups (names correctly spelled) :

I took this one just for Parker. "Thome is my Homey" sighting at Hammond Stadium:

Lots of familiar faces with the Red Sox:

Four sentence tale of the game:

Blackburn was up and down

Bard did this all afternoon long

The young players did OK, but some plays made Jerry do this:

and this was the final score:

I always like to take action shots and especially of players who are new with the Twins. So here is a a bunch:

Brian Dozier:

Sean Burroughs:

Mike Hollimon:

Angel Morales:

Jeff Gray:

Andrson Hidalgo:

(Yes he does the one-handed thing in every swing)

Evan Bigley:

Sam Deduno:

Esterlin De Los Santos:

What is wrong with this picture?

All good things have to come to an end and I had a blast. It was a great way for me to get to warm up for the season (and to get a decent 3K of pictures of Twins to play around with all season long...) Until next season, so long from Fort Myers.

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