Random Tuesday Twins Thoughts and Tidbits

Here is this week's installment (also heavily influenced by Spring Training) :

  • Tomorrow is the first minor league spring training day. There are a series of games at the AAA, AA and A level all against the Boston Red Sox' affiliates; also expect the first cuts of Spring Training to be announced today.

  • We all heard of long bus rides for the players to away parks in Spring Training, but if you want to have a taste of what those bus rides look like, here are links to a couple of pictures taken by Brian Dozier after the game against Tampa Bay a week ago, depicting a couple of his teammates in the Twins' bus on the return trip to Fort Myers: Danny Valencia, Ben Revere. This photo is from Danny Rams from yesterday's Twins' trip to Port Charlotte to play the Rays. Not your garden-variety school busses...

  • Twins' infield prospect A.J. Pettersen describes his first day in the Twins Minor League Spring Training Camp. So does Twins' pitching prospect Tim Shibuya here.

  • Vegas have set the over/under of the Twins' this season winning 73 games. This is good omen to the Twins' fans, because Vegas has been bombing with those predictions. They picked 85 for 2011 (Won 63), 82 for 2010 (won 94), 83.5 for 2009 (won 87 - that was close) and 73.5 for 2008 (Won 88). So look forward to an 88 win season

  • A former Twins' player was suspended 50 days for violating the league's drug program, because he tested positive for a street drug not a PED.

  • If you want to know how the Twins' players spend their down time at Fort Myers, you need to check this, this, this and this out. It seems to me that Glen Perkins is converting some of his teammates.

  • Kyle Gibson's rehab is going well. He is playing golf albeit badly.

  • Tomorrow (March 14th) is the Birthday of Twins' great Kirby Puckett, former Twins' catcher Butch Wynegar and former Twins' second baseman Brent Gates.

  • The Twins' player Tweet of the week award goes to Glen Perkins, for tweeting this picture of one of his fellow pitchers.

  • Troy Renck (Denver News Rockies' beat reporter) recently posted: "The Rockies’ continue to struggle with runners in scoring position". Wonder whether Mike Cuddyer has much to do with that.

  • The word of the week is Bo Shue. As Ray Chang's middle name.

  • And I think that I will start a Twins' product of the week. Because there are so many out there and some of them are, well... interesting. This weeks' winner is :
    MLB Minnesota Twins Mr. Potato Head

The parting shot today is of Jason Marquis pitching against the Red Birds last Friday. Looking like an Eagle ready to jump onto its prey: eyes focused, wings spread half way, cleats in a perfectly horizontal position with the spikes facing the Florida sun. The ultimate balance of the ultimate predator.

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