Update on Twins' and other MLB teams' interest on Roy Oswalt

I last gave an update on the full picture surrounding Roy Oswalt a couple days ago, and there has been some additional information, so I think that an update is in order. I will maybe do those daily if new information is out, or just do small update posts when new tidbits appear. So stick around. This is what we also know today about the Oswalt situation:

  • It has been quiet from the Twins' front. And Darren Wolfson that Roy Oswalt's agent took the fifth when asked about discusions with the Twins. We do know that the 40-man roster is full to the brim as is the alleged $99 million budget limit, but these things are easily changeable.

  • I posted earlier today about the word out of St. Louis, stating the St. Louis Cardinals' interest, so there is smoke there, but I am not sure that the Cardinals can move that fast.

  • There have been different Rumors involing the Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays and Seattle Mariners, but these are just rumors and Roy Oswalt's name is always listed with Edwin Jackson's, so I would not pay way too much attention to those.

  • The Atlanta Braves seem to out of it

  • The Kansas City Royals look like they are all but out on Oswalt (and any other starting pitcher) as well

  • The Cleveland Indians might be in play, depending how the Fausto Carmona nee Roberto Hernandez Heredia works itself out. But as of now, there is not even smoke from Cleveland, other than an an opinion piece at Bleacher Report

This is the situation as it stands today... if something noteworthy arises I will update.


Andrew said...

All seems quiet now on the Twins-Oswalt front. Hopefully the Twins are at least still in the running.

thrylos98 said...

I think that unless he signs some place, they will still be in the running. There are just too many quality free agents there just a month before Spring Training and I suspect that if the Twins get creative, they could sign at least one. I don't think that they are done this offseason.