Six Little known facts about Twins Josh Willingham

here has been a lot of virtual ink spent talking about the signing of Josh (Joshua David, btw) Willingham by the Twins, about what the signing might mean for Cuddyer, Span and others in the team, and about the pros and cons of the signing. I will not try to replicate that here. Or add stats. Lots of those around too. So I am doing something different. I am presenting a list of several little known facts about Josh Willingham:

  • He went to Bible School for High School (Mars Hill Bible School in Florence Alabama.)

  • His mother, Denise, has taught elementary school there for 26 years and his father, David, serves as vice president.

  • He is married to his high school sweetheart, Ginger Jaynes Willingham (@gjwillingham) , and they have two sons, Rhett and Ryder, which are Twins' fans

  • Josh and (mainly) Ginger run The Josh Willingham Foundation that has been very active in humanitarian relief and children's causes in his native Alabama (video follows) and they are both devoted Church of Christ members

  • Josh's youngest brother, Jon, died tragically on June 13, 2009 (at 27), in a car accident when he tried to evade police

  • Josh wore the numbers 14 and 16 in his career. 14 is retired by the Twins (Kent Hrbek) and 16 is Jason Kubel's number


Craig and Alison said...

Found the comments, thanks. Excellent video. First time I really heard the man speak. Kudos for all. Craig H

thrylos98 said...

Thanks Craig. I appreciate the kind comment