Profile of Twins 40th round MLB draft pick: Vance Woodruff RHP

With their 40th pick the Twins selected 6-2, 190 lbs Vance Woodruff RHP from Grayson County College, TX.

His profile, his 2010 stats

Very unorthodox delivery

In 2008, perfect game USA had to say about Vance:
"Woodruff pitches from the stretch at all times and has a full tornedo type delivery with a full back turn and lots of energy. His arm action is very long but very fast and it's not the type of delivery and release point that are going to be easy to repeat. On the other hand, hitters are seeing lots of moving parts and very little of the ball before it's coming at them. Woodruff's fastball topped out at 93 mph and jumped on hitters. He got good running action into right handed hitters and cut some of his fastballs to left handed hitters. Woodruff had a severe wrap in back to his curveball that he didn't have on his other pitches and that will be an issue in the future. He did get good spin and a big sweeping break to his curveball. Woodruff also threw a very nice change up that he maintained his arm speed well on."

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