Frankie goes to hollywood

will Gardy and Andy let him be?

To be determined...


Marv said...

Um, Perkins? Will they let Perkins be?
For someone who is usually so articulate this is somewhat nebulous.
I'm not following you here.

thrylos98 said...


no, not Perkins. As far as I am concerned, the best thing for the Twins would be if Perkins starts the season in Rochester (he has 1 option left) and if he dominates there for a couple of months find a better home for him with an increased trade value.

This was posted after Fransisco Liriano's (Thus 'Frankie') incredible performance in the Dominican Championship series, which shut down even his harshest critics. He was phenomenal...

Let Liriano be (and don't play mind games with him) not Perkins :)

Marv said...

(the light bulb shows a glimmer, as though not yet dead)
Oh! OK.