Twins sing-along with Nick Punto

I am not going to talk about the Kansas City series. Nope. It's Friday. Thank God. We don't need to talk about depressing stuff, how about some spirit lifting. And what is better spirit lifter than:

Sing-Along time.

You know the tune (R-rated lyrics on the link), here are the words. Sing with me:

I knew a player named Nicky
I guess u could say he was a bunt fiend
I met him in a ball park
Hitting about a buck fifteen
He said howd u like 2 waste some time
And I could not resist when I saw little Nicky grind

I took me to a box seat
And I just couldnt believe my eyes
He had so many devices
And that head first first base slide
Gardy wrote his name on the dotted line
The lights went on
And Nicky started 2 grind


The ballpark started spinning
Or maybe it was my brain
I cant tell u what he did on the park
But my team will never be the same
His hitting will kick your behind
Oh, he'll show u no mercy
But he'll shonuff shonuff show u how he grind

Darlin Nicky

Woke up the next morning
Nicky wasnt there
I looked all over and all I found
Was a Strib article by LEN3
Smith said it was Nicky's Rochester time
Call him up whenever u want 2 grind

Oh, Nicky, ohhhh

Come back Nicky, come back
You dirty little prince
Wanna grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind

1 comment:

Erin said...

Funny and disturbing all at the same time, sort of like Darling Nicky's attempt to bunt the runners over. Good stuff!