Recapping the last 24 hours on the Twins trade front

Not many things happened in the trade front today for the Twins, however there are some developments to note:

  • A story in Chicago Tribune confirms what I was told and related last night about a. it will take 2 decent prospects for the Twins to acquire Harden and b. the Twins feel that they need to sign him to an extension to give up this much

  • Joe Christiensen presents a Harden story with a Twins' Front office perspective. They are tight lipped as usually. In the same piece, Joe C, indicates that the Twins did not comment about Penny as well.

  • B.J. Hermsen was pulled off after one inning yesterday, leading to speculation that he might be traded. However, Josh Johnson talked to him and Hermsen said that it was planned because he has to start a playoff game next Tuesday. This does not mean that Hermsen will not get traded, but the likelihood has decreased

Very quiet day today and tonight, we will see how tomorrow and Monday go. As a reminder, the trading deadline is 12 noon EDT Monday.


Marv said...

Hi thry –
Too bad the Twins couldn’t get some more help. Appreciate the write-ups on Rauch & Mahay.
After tonight I am trying not to get my hopes up, but the Twins are 3.5 games out and have an easier schedule than the Tigers, I believe.
Keep the faith. Go Twins!

thrylos98 said...

Hi Marv,

I think that the Twins will be alright if they win every game against the White Sox and Tigers and keep a bit ahead of .500 in the rest of the games. Can they do it? Yes, but things like getting Buscher and Tolbert up and you know that Gardy is going to start them some days, just drive me nuts