The Comeback Boys: The Twins Sweep the Tigers.

The Twins swept a three game series from the Tigers, in a development that might have them in a three-way tie for the AL Central lead with the Tigers and the Royals, if the latter lose tonight to the Orioles in Kansas City. The fist game was a 5-2 win, in which the Twins never trailed. The other two games were very dramatic with changing leads late in the game.

Here is the FanGraphs, win probability representation of yesterday's game

this game was won in a dramatic fashion in a walk off grand slam by Joe Crede that untied a 10-10 game in the bottom of the 14th inning.

Here is the representation of today's game:

and this game had just two big swings for each team, the last one in a 6 run 7th inning highlighted with Crede's single with the bases loaded to score two. Breslow, Guerrier and Nathan pitched exceptionally to conserve the victory.

The twins are on a three game winning streak and traveling for a 4 day series in the new Yankee stadium, a park in which the hosts have a winning record, in a time where they are hitting the best for a while. It will be interested to see whether the streak will extend.


Marv said...

Very exciting games. Perhaps too exciting. Yesterday the hitting was exceptional. Today there was some good pitching, too.
One point about the new Yankee stadium - at this point in the season there really shouldn't be a 'home-field advantage', as the Yankees haven't played there much yet.
Sure would like to see the Twins win a series on the east coast.

thrylos98 said...

wouldn't that big great? The Twins are missing Sabathia and I think that the pitching matchups, starting tomorrow with Liriano vs Hughes, are in the Twins' favor. On another note, the Yankees are a walking infirmary with a lot of hurt players and their pen has been worse than the Twins...

I got about 5-6 invitations to go down there with free tickets for these games, but I had to pass... and it's just a 2hr drive for me. As long as they keep focused and as long as they play the best players there (i.e. I don't want to see Redmond in any of these games) they'll be fine.

Marv said...

thry -
You must have important stuff going on. It's a shame you have to miss this opportunity.
Yankee pitching has been really bad, and I can even say that as a Twins fan!

thrylos98 said...


my kids are playing ball in the weekends and that is something I cannot or should not miss :) Fortunately, a few of us rigged free wireless broadband at the ballpark and I can watch the games on my laptop.

The Yankees pitching has been horrible. I think that their pitching coach will be gone by June if they are not within a couple of games from the top.

Anonymous said...


When my daughters were running track, I went to every meet I could. Didn't matter what might have been going on, they came first.

Anyway, the last couple of series, the Twins have impressed me. They've been playing long ball. It's been a while since they've had a lineup with 5 legitimate power threats. (Yeah, I'm including Cuddyer..even though I think he needs to sit)

Although, if Delmon finds his stroke, that will give the Twins 6 threats in the lineup.

The lineup of Mauer, Morneau, Kubel, Cuddyer and Crede has got to be putting some fear into the hearts of opposing pitchers.

And, with the way Mauer, Morneau and Kubel are hitting lefties, bringing in the lefty relief pitcher doesn't really help all that much.

Btw, do you think Crede is worth signing to an extension? Granted, it's a little early, however, if he remains healthy, what do you think?


thrylos98 said...

Yeah, about a time that they understood the benefits of long ball and that small ball cannot make you come back in games you trail considerably. On the other hand, Gardy will always bunt Tolbert when Span gets on. Inane. I think that when Delmon heats up there will be several power threats. The good thing is that Crede provides that right power bat the Twins were missing. As far as an extension goes, I think that the Twins will be better of to get that money towards Mauer's extension and start with Danny Valencia as their starting 3B next season. He is there and is as good defensively as Crede. There will be several decision next season since players like Young, Harris, Buscher, Gomez are arbitration-eligible. I just don't think that there is a way that Crede will be with the team in 2010.